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I change everyday? whats wrong with me

2022.01.22 03:13 catboy519 I change everyday? whats wrong with me

For example: day 1, I make jokes and laugh and talk alot day 2, im completely quiet the whole day and get annoyed by people who talk when they dont really have to day 3, I feel like being a girl & wanna be one so bad that it makes me depressed im a boy day 4, I see myself as very manly / masculine and am proud of it day 5, im suddenly very interested in something, for example sports. day 6, completely lost interest
Why do I become a different person everyday? WTF is wrong with me? How can I deal with this and live a proper life?
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2022.01.22 03:13 assagitaz Renaud.dB - Essentielle [Discovery Divine]

Publisher: Discovery Divine
Out Date: 2021-01-30
Quality: MP3 15.00 Mb / AIFF 66.08 Mb
Genre: Deep House
Renaud.dB - Essentielle / (Key Bbm, BPM 125, Length 6:15)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=528663
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2022.01.22 03:13 budgetcooking Abu Hurairah reported the Prophet (ﷺ) as saying: If anyone pursues a path in search of knowledge, Allah will thereby make easy for him a path to paradise; and he who is made slow by his actions will not be speeded by his genealogy. [Sunan Abi Dawud 3643]

Abu Hurairah reported the Prophet (ﷺ) as saying: If anyone pursues a path in search of knowledge, Allah will thereby make easy for him a path to paradise; and he who is made slow by his actions will not be speeded by his genealogy. [Sunan Abi Dawud 3643] submitted by budgetcooking to budgetcooking [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 03:13 Appropriate-Piglet30 N3W!! 🚨 MEGNUTT FR3E 0NLYFANS C0NT3NT F0LDER (LINK IN C0MMNTS) 👇🥵

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2022.01.22 03:13 QuietTHINGno1KNOWS Yes master

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2022.01.22 03:13 ZoolShop Do COVID symptoms lead to brain damage?

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2022.01.22 03:13 santifont Vandal Radio 9x19 - Microsoft compra Activision Blizzard

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2022.01.22 03:13 urwoundedangel Wintery Bride

He came into my dream So gently, sweetly No sound We were under waves of ice
I look for you in everything
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2022.01.22 03:13 0rgan_Gr1nder I wanted to post this in r/calgary but can't but it is important that people know about this school and what they did, they hurt so many students because of incompetence.

I was in the 10th grade when this happened, and I had joined a vocational school because I needed a bit of help due to my process of being diagnosed with Tourettes, which I do now have a diagnosis for and medication... obviously, I thought joining this school would be my real chance at succeeding and would improve my life. if you have ever heard of "Alti", it's a bit difficult to get into... you need to be approved by "the community" and there's a lot of paperwork and awkward rules but also completely fair ones. the school isn't public, but it is. we are encouraged to be ourselves and to be an active part of the "alti" community and attend every day. This is my story of attending Alternative High.
when I joined I thought I was about to begin a really great new experience and I had an open mind, was enrolled in science, drama, art, language arts things looked good for me. after my grandma died a year prior I had a hard time attending school every day and was just coming out of a depression. I and my grandmother were very close. However, I was excited for the first time in a while to go to school and had a feeling that I would be better off at alti than a big scary school like henry wise wood.
the first problem, alti protected a student that r*ped another student, he broke every rule about not making sexual comments to other students, he broke the rule of not talking about drugs and alcohol in school, and not talking about guns/ gang violence. I was friends with a person at alti that entered a relationship with this kid (non of us truly knew how dangerous he was at this point), but we all said he was creepy and that he gave off weird vibes, but again I wasn't in a position to tell my friend how I felt weird, as I was new to the friend group and it was barely the beginning of the semester. I became really close with this student despite their weird boyfriend. they had a ROUGH relationship but it wasn't my business until my friend chose to confide in me. he assaulted them and they immediately broke up. After this my friend took no time to report him to our school staff as he was "harming" the community by contract, we provided evidence and many MANY other students came forward saying that over the semester (which was almost over at this point), they had been harassed by this kid and the school DID NOTHING, letting it happen again and again with more students and their excuse was that we were old enough to file police reports on our own if it really was happening. He even cornered me in the boy's bathroom and tried to kiss me. I'm a trans man and this wasn't a secret, he targeted me pinned me by my longish hair, and tried to make out with me. I pushed him off and ran to the counselor who sent me home for freaking out, didn't bother finding out why I was crying and hysterical just called my mom to pick me up. we had a petition to have him kicked out because we were all sick of feeling unsafe, he targeted boys and girls, and whoever was vulnerable at that moment he so chose. the school did nothing and a year after I left the toxic environment I heard from an old friend he had transferred because students isolated him by the time I had left he had made quite the reputation, he left because of this "bullying." he was never kicked out for hurting us or breaking the rules, don the principle would sympathize with him in front of the people he abused, he got away with it. and alti assured this.
the second problem DON
Like I had mentioned at this time I was undergoing diagnostics for my tics, I was working closely with REAL psychologists, unlike "dr. Don" who if he really is a doctor he's a total joke of one. one day I had a particularly bad episode of repeated tics and left to grab water, my friend announced to the teacher for me where I was going and why. I'm not sure if she actually relayed this message with what happened next. I was stopped by the other counselor (not Tracey) I think her name was Kelsie and was asked to talk to her and the vice principal at the time. they were upset I "abruptly" left class and then they accused me of faking Tourettes for attention. they interrogated me, all while I ticked. Kelsie told me to stop faking practically yelling that I was being offensive to the students with "Real Tourettes" the vice-principal chimed in and stated he was friends with my psychologist and that they spoke about me and that he said I was definitely not suffering from Tourettes. at this point, I felt violated. 1. my psychologist insisted it was Tourettes not me, I even tried to suggest every other option from medication symptoms to small seizures. 2. I obviously had to fact-check my vice-principals claim and called my therapist who instantly put my psychologist on after I explained what I was told, he didn't even know the alternative high was a school as he had never heard of it or my vice principal. following this incident they suspended me because I was "offending" the alti community. (but heaven forbid they do something about a literal predator!) they invited me back if I was willing to talk with the principal and my mom about this incident. we agreed as I needed to get my possessions from my locker anyway, in this meeting Don accused my mom of being a bad parent and an enabler for me and "my attention seeking behavior", I had no intention of staying at this school knowing this and instantly asked for a transfer paper. all of this happened in the first semester of tenth grade I was 15.
I am now 17 and moved far away from that place and finally feel safe enough to share this. However, the trauma it caused is still affecting me, I can't go to school at all now because I am so scared of people seeing my tics. I'm homeschooled now, I never wanted to offend the community I thought would help me. I felt so much shame and I have extreme anxiety surrounding my tics. I don't want people to see me in general because my behavior is obviously a problem for others even if I don't have control over it. I have no friends by choice and my boyfriend of 2 years ( so before I shut down completely) is still trying to get me to understand I don't need to say sorry every time I make a sound, and that my tics aren't that bad. but I know they are. those strangers who claim they care, are actually just getting closer to watching me like a freak show. I'm scared of being public. I don't want to offend anyone as badly as I apparently did. I hate myself. and I hate that glorified crap hole school that just made everything in my life worse. I don't want anyone else to think this school is the safe community they put it out to be. it's full of gossip, rumors, bullying, double standards, and entry-level psychologists and doctors who use their position to intimidate and manipulate their students. it is sad that they got away with this because I know I'm not the only one still hurting.
this was my experience at alternative high school cbe.
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2022.01.22 03:13 Barbsrodriguez Has anyone been approved after appealing bc of mistake of multiple applications?

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2022.01.22 03:13 NickyK66 You don’t know what I’ve suffered through

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2022.01.22 03:13 budgetcooking Anna Bryunetka

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2022.01.22 03:13 yummybanchan Jeongyeon & Momo - icsm mv behind the scenes, jean outfits

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2022.01.22 03:13 mariaperrotta top skin care products for sensitive acne prone skin? specifically skin that is oily, has blackheads and enlarged pores on my t-zone, fine lines, mildly irritated at times, and most breakouts occur around my jawline and and near my temples.

so my current skin care routine is Clinique’s All About Clean face wash in the morning and a Neutrogena oil free sensitive skin moisturizer and at night I use the same face wash and then use Hyaluronic Acid drops, and then the same moisturizer i use in the morning. once a week i will use witch hazel. i’ve always had bad skin but i’ve never consistently used the same routine for long.
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2022.01.22 03:13 Scooper131 Request: Irish film, Garage?

Anybody have the 2007 Irish film, Garage?
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2022.01.22 03:13 chocolateechippp Rising Leader Training

I got picked to be trained to be a Rising Leader for the Tourette Association of America in early March😊 I'm really excited about it. I was trained as a Youth Ambassador in 2019 and it was a really good experience so I'm excited to see what opportunities this brings!
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2022.01.22 03:13 Xxtratourettestriall Autonomy or nah?

Just curious how many people play with autonomy on vs off?
I personally never give my sims autonomy. It drives me nuts and takes away from where I want the storyline of my game to go.
Plus I am a controlling 'God', don't want them doin stuff I didn't sign off on haha
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2022.01.22 03:13 manchild1111 This Is Very Anticlimactic But I Found a Way To Post On Here

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2022.01.22 03:13 kerohazel The Kurlan Naiskos that Picard tossed aside in the wreck of the Entireprise-D was not the real one... but it contained something evil...

Picard did the right thing and donated the original Kurlan Naiskos to a museum shortly after he got it. In return, he asked the museum to replicate him a fake one so he could have something to remember Professor Galen by. The museum happened to have an uncarved, unmarked box lying around so they just cut it into the naiskos shape. Picard loved it.
Unfortunately inside the box was lurking a horrible entity, a Pah-wraith by the name of Kurttz Alexjan. The museum had unwittingly created a Kurtzman Naiskos!
When Picard threw his worthless "replica" on the ground, it broke and released the wraith. Its exact activities are unknown, but there are theories. It is suspected that it first possessed Riker, forcing him to record over Troi's favorite holoprogram series finale, inserting himself as a character and effectively ruining the ending.
There can be no doubt the wraith next leapt into the body of Picard, which explains how he transformed into a completely different person. Disregarding orders, sadistically killing Borg... his exploits are well-known. But we must not blame Jean-Luc Picard for this, as he is merely a puppet.
One thing is clear: the evil being must be stopped. If unchecked, its influence could spread further. It could infect Starfleet, changing everything we know into something sinister. Just imagine: android slaves, racist news outlets, F-bomb-dropping admirals! Where would it end? Even the past might not be safe!
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2022.01.22 03:13 budgetcooking Quick sketch of Gwen Stacy.

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2022.01.22 03:13 ColderThree Why is it usually better to get married a little later in life (late 20s-Early 30s)?

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2022.01.22 03:13 victoryboi20 banana

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2022.01.22 03:13 Arcaneity [REDACTED]

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2022.01.22 03:12 jjusmc1995 Last minute $7.99/lb bone in rib-eye. Over cooked it. Oh well. Tasted great.

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2022.01.22 03:12 eliasmalba Movies about Mutiny?

I am looking for movies about mutiny on a ship, or perhaps movies about thieves who have money, and then infighting ruins them. Some combination of a small group in which mistrust or lies develop into fighting and drama.
For reference, something like "It Comes at Night" but with the inciting problems being a stolen sum of wealth or some other struggles of politics and drama aboard a ship.
It's a pretty specific request, so anything close will likely be helpful. Thanks!
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