ED 2021 Dec 1st: an opinion

2021.12.01 12:21 Competitive_Dot_2295 ED 2021 Dec 1st: an opinion

Hi everyone,
I just saw early decision closes today, and I wanted to give some thoughts. This is going to be very critical, but it's going to be very honest, and I hope for the sake of protecting and serving high school seniors it'll be kept up. Thank you.
I joined UAlbany as a freshman this year, and I soon discovered that it can be really hard to be supported here. It's a university in which you really need to take care of your logistics, food needs, warmth needs, anxiety, etc. I have spent about 30% of my time here actually studying and about 70% dealing with awful situations the university has placed me in.
For example, I have really bad anxiety and anxiety-provoked acid reflux GERD, which makes it so that I physically cannot eat in a dining hall. It causes me extreme chest pain and other health problems. Despite me repeatedly reaching out to the dining services team and the former campus nutritionist (before she resigned suddenly a few weeks ago, midsemester), they refused to exempt from the meal plan or allow me to take food from the dining halls home. (I eventually did start taking food home, using tupperware, but it was an incredibly stressful experience to do so as I got caught several times and dining employees, who can be rude, treated me harshly.) I used up all my Campus Center money in about 6-10 days, because there's only so much food you can get out of $100 at pricey fast food places. I was left with almost no way of getting reliable, good food to feed my body. Because my health problems or dietary needs haven't seemed to matter much to UAlbany, I resorted to ordering canned food and groceries off Instacart grocery delivery. While my peers without GERD were having pizza and cheeseburgers from the dining hall, I was eating canned beefaroni and dry protein bars every day. This has been terrible for my health.
Another awful situation was a broken air conditioning in my room. Ever since I moved into my dorm with AC in August (it's one of the few halls that have AC), my air conditioning unit has been broken. It has continually blown out cold air that cannot be turned off. I tried to set up the temperature to the highest temperature, but the vents still kept blowing out cold air. I contacted all the appropriate individuals and more 5-7+ times, and they told me every time either they couldn't fix it, or they would try (but never succeed). They advised me to just wear several layers and deal with being cold. With my health problems, this was not an option. Being freezing cold every night has badly hurt my health problems, leading me to have lots of nerve problems which I had to go to the emergency room to check out. Student health services nurses told me they do not do bloodwork, or other medical checkups other than sprained knees, bandages, etc. I also did not have health insurance, as the college offers no health insurance (something most colleges do), so if you don't live in Albany and you need medical care, you may have to pay for it yourself. I just can't believe I let my university freeze me every night and send me to the emergency room.
One of the worst things was two of my scholarships being removed as a glitch. In my original award letter that was sent to me before enrolling, UAlbany said I was being given four scholarships. Alongside the Excelsior scholarship, these were supposed to cover all of my tuition, fees, room and board for the year. I enrolled in UAlbany based on this information. When I got to campus, however, I spoke with financial aid and learned that two of my scholarships had been revoked. I asked them why, and they said it was nothing that I did--it wasn't about grades, test scores, etc. It was that half of the scholarships overlap--you can't have both Scholarship A and Scholarship D (keeping it private for privacy reasons), or Scholarship B and Scholarship C, and these were granted to me by mistake. So, upon enrollment, they removed Scholarship C and Scholarship D from my account (without telling me).
There was also a glitch with the Excelsior scholarship & incorrect information from the financial aid department which led me to not be eligible for that either, despite us later learning I was supposed to be eligible. My estimated cost went from about $1000 to over $12,000, all because of UAlbany's mistakes and glitches. (I can provide proof of this if needed. I don't want this happening to anyone else.)
So, yeah, that's some of what I've had to go through at UAlbany. Who thought my freshman year would be filled with food insecurity, an intensely cold bedroom, and scholarship glitches? I've also had to deal with teachers not sticking to their word, dining hall employees and other employees being extremely rude, etc. And I just want to urge students applying to please consider if SUNY Albany is the best school for you. I would not submit early decision. They accept almost everyone who applies, and according to a staff member they don't give full rides to anyone except for DIV 1 athletes, so I don't know if submitting early decision is the best decision. SUNY Albany, with how it gives less scholarships/no full rides, can be more expensive than other SUNY schools. Other SUNY schools can cost either cheaper or just as much. I'd look into SUNY Geneseo, Binghamton, Cobleskill, New Paltz, and more before deciding on SUNY Albany. Some are accessible to Albany by Greyhound busses, which makes it easy to still go back and see family if you live in Albany and attend one of those schools.
So, thats my thoughts. Thank you for reading.
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2021.12.01 12:21 kswizz20000 Feedback on app? Think I have a lot of leadership exp., but my biggest weakness is probably volunteering/no clinical volunteering

May 2021 graduate, white/middle class, planning to apply next cycle
Residence: Connecticut
App narrative: had persistent epilepsy as a child, grew up in small rural town w/relatively scarce healthcare options
cGPA: 3.8x
sGPA: 3.6x (higher end)
MCAT: still need to take


Volunteering: only non-clinical
Non-clinical paid
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I’m trying to do the duplication glitch, but it keeps giving me an error and I have to restart the game every time. Any suggestions?
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Hey guys so I’m a current sophomore in SOE and I’m struggling looking for what to do rn. So I’m taking 5 courses this sem, 3 stem and 2 electives that cover the engineering gen Ed reqs. I’m breeding they the electives cuz they r asynch and pretty easy but I’m like very likey fail atleast 1 of my stem courses. I don’t want to stay in SOE anyways I was planning on transferring out to business school or SAS but idk if I’ll be able to do that if I fail a course and my gpa drops. If per say I pass with an A in both my electives(3 credits each) and then like Cs or a D for for 2 of my stem courses and then fail out of one of the stem courses , how likely am I to get like a academic probation and if I do get that, am I still able to do the sem taking non stem courses in pre to transfer out next year? I’m just really confused as u can probably see and equally as worried so any help wud be welcomed. Thanks
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Apparently, killing an overshielded enemy with a melee to the back doesn't give you the BackSmack medal.
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2021.12.01 12:21 BruceSerrano Single player gamers are the most insufferable

Every online community says their community is the worst: League, CS GO, Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. "Oh, we're the worst. Don't start playing it's the worst. This community is super toxic. There are so many feeders." There's a lot of things to complain about the community. And at least they know it's bad and they admit it. I guarantee all of them have acted like jackasses too and they acknowledge the way they're acting is bad.
Conversely I guarantee I'm going to get pushback on the criticism here about single player gamers. "We're not all like that." "Those are valid reasons to be upset." They'll defend their insanity and over reaction. Because that's what they always do, they're super, super insecure.
The thing about single player gamers is, they get upset over the tiniest things that don't impact them. For instance, when I posted a thread about wanting single player games to offer a game mode that removes story elements, many gamers got offended by it. Apparently how I want to play a single player game offends them.
How about always online DRM that doesn't impact gameplay? "OMG, if I didn't have internet(which I always do anyway) I wouldn't be able to play this game. This is the worst thing ever! In 1,000 years it'll be super important to someone how I spent my leisure time."
Then they treated Epic like the 4th Reich, "OMG, they're buying exclusives and I have to sign up with a free account to play the game!" "OMG! There's no cart for me to buy several games at once! This is like when Hitler gassed the Jews!" Yeah, sure, Epic isn't as good as Steam, but is your life so amazing that the lack of user reviews will send you into a temper tantrum?
Sure, there are some valid issues or detractors with these things, but when you treat it like an 11 out of 10 on the outrage scale rather than slight annoyance there's a problem.
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2021.12.01 12:21 TelescopeFeed Mujeres de Antofagasta y Viña del Mar se capacitan preparando los espejos astronómicos de ESO

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When I turn heat or AC on there is a very faint oscillating clicking sound coming from the passenger vent. It usually happens after the car has been driving for a few minutes and sometimes stops when the car is idling for a while, but returns after driving some more. When I turn the system off I can hear the clicking slow down and eventually stop as the fans stop spinning. The sound is very faint but extremely annoying. Any idea what it might be? I already checked the blower motor for leaves and nothing in there.
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2021.12.01 12:21 glazor Now with the coming of winter, can we talk about all the people dying from the vaccines.

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