Not overly exciting but didn't use Rell-Coin Shop so cool I guess

2021.10.28 18:09 DeathEaterMuffins Not overly exciting but didn't use Rell-Coin Shop so cool I guess

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2021.10.28 18:09 cementchicken noel saying "u fuckin weenie" has to be the funniest thing i've heard in awhile and i don't remember the video

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2021.10.28 18:09 Cynical728crib Trading fossil egg, T. rex, koala and neon ride robin

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2021.10.28 18:09 atadpsycho What do you guys do during dead weeks?

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2021.10.28 18:09 KaleAway6968 👻BabyCasper👻 is a newly launched token on the Binance Smart Chain. Audited by Techrate with 0 issues. BabyCasper rewards holders with 4% FTM (Fantom) rewards

BabyCasper Aims to bring an innovative Spooky NFT Launchpad and Minting dapp to the BSC. Creators are saddled with high fees and expensive entries in the NFT space.
With the Spookypad creators will be able to mint their own content and retain all rights and profits,simply by holding BabyCasper. The development team has already launched a successful token with a high quality and original decentralized exhange swap, with limit order functions as well as the common DEX features. BabyCasper takes in 3% of each transaction for marlketing.
The marketing funds are used with longevity of the project in mind. A few high quality investor focused marketing examples are listing on Coin Market Cap, multiple influncers in the BSC space have posting promos and Bogged Ads have begining. These are the early days for this fledgling project with an experienced team, this is the token to grab before alt season.
💀Innovative Rewards💀
BabyCasper Rewards holders with 4% of every transaction going directly to their wallets in the form of FTM or the Fantom token. Fantom is an award winning blockchain project that has gone 10000%+ since launch. The issue with any rewards token is the selling pressure created by the contract creating the rewards. The development team has solved this issue by having the rewards portion of the contract create burns any time there are 2 consecutive sells. This reduces the supply and keeps the chart from being overly red. In only 2 days the rewards system has burned over 30% of the supply and has given out more than 6000FTM rewards. The contract will hold rewards until it makes sense to send them to the holder and alleviate gas eating rewards for smaller investors and at times of lower volume. A rewards calculator is on the BabyCasper website where holders can see how many rewards await, how many they have claimed overall and how many rewards have been given out total by the project.
🦇NFT Launchpad🦇
SpookyPad Beta will be available for creators to beta test in November. The NFT minting launch pad will allow creators to mint their own NFTs by simply holding some of the supply. This is diffent from your average NFT marketplace or minting service where creators have to pay high service fees, give up rights to their content or have very few eyes on their works. Being on the BSC give SpookyPad the ability to have minimal fees and allows creators to utilize numerous large NFT marketplaces of their choosing. Creators can even use their own site to curate their works while using Spookypad to mint in an easy to use Dapp. With the creator being the focus of SpookyPad, large names in the NFT space will be attracted to retaining full control of their content.
🎃The Team🎃
The development team from BabyCasper is not new to the BSC space. With thier successful Launch of SuperChainLink and the Super Swap DEX they have proven their innovation and dedication to their projects. They have many long term investors sticking with them simply because they deliver. Finding an honest dedicated team in this market can be difficult and this team has already delivered and will continue to.
🧹 Tokenomics 🧹
4% FTM Rewards
3% Marketing
2% Burn
1% Development
✅Contract: 0xf9d87bfa5c8bf735b447fd589663d16389c7195c
➡️ Pancakeswap:
➡️ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.28 18:09 Broke___Programmer After removed ~/.cache my taskbar and terminal fonts are missing

I removed my ~/.cache directory to free up space. After reboot I have no fonts in taskbar, menu, or terminal. I've tried to regenerate the font cache with `fc-cache` but this hasn't resolved the issue.
Any ideas what I can do to get the fonts back?
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2021.10.28 18:09 imghurrr Iron Ranger

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2021.10.28 18:09 icewater-nolemon Do you guys believe in the Tik Tok “Shifting” stuff?

I see so much about it on tik tok and I still don’t completely understand it, but it’s intriguing enough to want to try it.
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2021.10.28 18:09 RepRaf Yo, I Need help

So I'm in Brazil, I bought reps before but from this trade666aaa site or something like that, now it seems like things have gotten better, but as far as SK, LRJ PK batches? Where and how do I buy it? I found the PK site, but I'm completly lost as far as buying and also where to buy clothes? can anyone help me please?
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2021.10.28 18:09 Distonical Mary’s redo of her atrocious heart rate challenge outfit!

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2021.10.28 18:09 No_Internal3435 🔥

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2021.10.28 18:09 bratanim Beraber yks kasacak kgbli dost lazim

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2021.10.28 18:09 LividGentleman Why do people feel like its perfectly normal to go no more than 40mph on a single carriageway

Like come on, even your driving instructor would tell you to increase your speed...
The best ones are the people who then proceed to do 35/40 in a 30 right after
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2021.10.28 18:09 KitkuAn The first but not the last.

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2021.10.28 18:09 KOakaKnockOut Was Woody on that plane lol

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2021.10.28 18:09 matydragon_20 BioBioChile on Twitter Enigmático mensaje: vulneran sistema del Poder Judicial para adulterar antigua causa contra Boric

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2021.10.28 18:09 Bumble-umble-bee Stolen land spray painted on the welcome to Charlottesville sign.

I couldn't get a picture since I was driving. Someone spray painted "Stolen Land" on the Welcome to Charlottesville sign on Fontaine Avenue. Does anyone know what this is about? Sorry if this is an ignorant question, I'm just curious as to what's going on here.
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2021.10.28 18:09 Super-Diet-733 Finally got my favorite t-shirt in today!

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2021.10.28 18:09 hi_im_kai101 anybody know what kinda doll this is? it says 2010 hasbro C-015D

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2021.10.28 18:09 Jeromethy RTS isn't dead!

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2021.10.28 18:09 eighteesix My beautiful San Pedro was hard before I repotted it 4-6 weeks ago. Now turning soft (not mushy) and has some sunburn. Soil is dry. Underwatered? What's wrong?

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2021.10.28 18:09 Janlin1 From insta

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2021.10.28 18:09 thegenericchen [GIFT] BIG UPDATES - Project GAFsBro - FREE Commonly lost AR15 parts - thousands available (TX)

Parts Piggybank Pic 10/28/21
10/28/21 BIG UPDATES If you aren't familiar with the project, read the rest of the post below first.
- I got in hundreds more parts today (10/28) - I now have 11 new parts available (21 total) and thousands of total items.
- I got 80+ requests (PM's) yesterday, I took a risk and funded/built out this project without being 100% positive there was a need. I'm ecstatic that this is the case and it's working.
- My inbox was blown the fuck up and my communications with normal GAFs transactions are getting buried, so.....
- I will no longer be accepting any messages on Reddit in relation to this project. I will now ask that you email me, this email will now auto-respond with the address. I have updated the instructions in this post to reflect the change.
- I have had some offers of donations! I took up a few people on their offers yesterday because I was panicking a bit about the volume of PM's. However:
- I am currently not asking for donations from users who are not benefiting from the project. At this time, our Parts Piggybank is fully stocked. I'm not sure how often the piggybank will need to be restocked yet, so I do not want to take in excess funds from you awesome fuckers. If you insist (as some generously have), Cashapp: $GAFSbro - Venmo: @ GAFSbro, no PP.
- I do believe the 80+ requests from yesterday is going to taper down quite a bit as initial need dies down. However, as community members start more builds and/or our community grows, it is possible that I'll be handling hundreds of requests weekly. If so, I might openly ask for donations when appropriate.
- For now, I will create fundraisers for this project that do not involve donations. I already have some ideas so keep an eye out.
- I am unable to take an donations of physical parts, as that would create logistical issues for me.
TL:DR - Got lots more shit in, email me instead of PM'ing me.

\Project GAFs Bro Hall of Shame - A user sent me chat asking for one of everything, instead of following ANY of the conditions of this offer. boooooo this guy.*


Project "GAFS BRO"
Premise: I've seen plenty of (WTB) ads for small items such as gas tube roll pin/pivot spring, etc. with the user offering $2-$5 for such a small part.
Problem: When you only need to order one or two of these $1-$5 parts from a website, you'll almost always end up paying $5.95-$14.95 shipping.
Solution: I'll mail you the part(s) you need for FREE.

What? I've ordered around $300 worth of small parts specifically for this project. Right now I only have the parts listed, but I should be getting a lot more in the next few days (detents and such), I will update asap.
Available Parts:
- disconnector spring
- buffer retainer pin
- buffer retainer pin spring
- safety selector detent
- bolt catch spring
- bolt catch detent
- bolt catch roll pin
- gas tube roll pin
- takedown/pivot pin spring
- mil-spec trigger guard
- extractor o-ring
- grip screw washer
- triggehammer pin
- forward assist roll pin
- firing pin retainer
- ejection port door c-clip
- takedown dent
- takedown detent springs
- .30 cal crush washer
- 1/2x28 crush washer
- 1/2x28 timing shim (they measure around 0.022)
How? Step 1 - Email me with the title "Project GAFS BRO", in the message write "Address please". The email will auto-respond with the mailing address. Don't tell me what part you need in the message, just ask for my address. Do not reply to my address with another message. \any other forms of communication will be ignored.*
Step 2 - Mail me a letter that contains:
- a stamped envelope that already has your address (and my return address) written on it
- a piece of paper inside that envelope with your username and what part(s) you need written on it


Why? GAFS has been good to me over the past year, scored some good deals, got rid of stuff I never really thought I'd be bothered to sell and I've only been screwed over once. Oh yeah someone did nuke my paypal (fuck that guy in particular).
TL:DR - Most of ya'll are cool, I'm cool - let's fuckin' go.

Future of Project "GAFS Bro" I set this up to make this as easy as possible for me to run. Ideally I'd only need to spend a few minutes a day opening mail, shoving in part(s), and putting them back in my mailbox. I've thrown down around $300 for parts and that's about the limit of what I can put towards this project. The project will most likely only end when the funds are depleted.
Please do not abuse this program, we need to have nice things, we can't turn this into ChoosingBeggars.

*shameless plug for my personal active listings, none of these proceeds goes towards this project
[WTS] Ton of Glock parts - 43/43x/48/17/19/22/23 – barrels, triggers, mags, lights, etc. (TX)
[WTS] Hiperfire ECLIPSE trigger - AR10 308 Bolt kit - Dueck RU + Burris FF3 (TX)

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2021.10.28 18:09 Miserable-Zombie-881 WHY PYRO

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2021.10.28 18:09 wendypavy189 scary ghost

I grew up with ghosts & seances. My scariest seance happened in Sunnybank QLD Australia when I was about 12. We had a seance & were talking to a very angry ghost whose name was Ellen she threw the glass across the room & said she would visit us that night, we laughed. But that night she came, she pretended to be my nan, who I was staying with as well as my young Aunt, anyway nan was at bingo & Ellen kept knocking on the door & calling out for Charm & I to come open the door which we did many times. Then she came to our second floor window & knocked & we not thinking went to the window expecting to see nan, not thinking there was no way nan could get to our window. So we pulled curtains apart & there was the most frightening face & she said ' I'm hereeeee" well we screamed & woke the whole house. After this there was always these little dark figures that appeared around the house till nan moved many yrs later. I also have stories of being haunted by a large black dog at Sunnybank school where we went to get scared & saw many things there.

I was also in a home invasion when I was 10, but that's another story. I also do readings for ppl & always know when someone is going to die as I have what we call funeral dreams.
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