Where are the pumpkins?

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2021.10.28 18:10 Driest-Wheat Where are the pumpkins?

So I've been trying to find the pumpkin drops. I'm playing on single player and go out every night to try and find one. Is there a particular place/time of night that they spawn? Thank you! -🦇
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2021.10.28 18:10 Lullordt Female of deo feelin kinda frisky😈😈😈😻😻🐇

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2021.10.28 18:10 AnkalaevWillBeTop5 How do you defend the cosmological argument from this objection?

Full disclosure: I have never found cosmological arguments very convincing. I’ve heard a few other theists say the same, but it seems like most people like to trot out some type of cosmological argument as their go to. Maybe someone can help me understand why.
My problem with these arguments is something like this:
Cosmological arguments reason that things change or that they come into being, depending on the form of the argument. Change, and becoming, are observed to be brought about by other things. So we can infer from this observation that there must be a transcendent, necessary being that is ultimately responsible for change or becoming in these contingent things.
But it seems like there is no justification given for accepting this type of PSR at all. In cases like scientific reasoning about the natural world, a norm like the PSR functions internally to a theoretical context, and governs the ways we relate items in that context. Whereas the cosmological argument seems, conversely, to be reasoning of a transcendent sort, concerned not with relating items within the field of a certain theoretical articulation, but rather with explaining how there is such a field to begin with. As these are two significantly different kinds of reasoning, this undermines the analogy which would lead us to infer a PSR-like principle relevant to the cosmological argument from our acceptance of a PSR-like principle used internally to things like scientific theorizing.
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2021.10.28 18:10 ExactTumbleweed8174 Are these kinds of phrases forms for gaslighting?

Saying things like "You're x years old and finally getting help." Or "You are finally working on xyz after how long?"
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2021.10.28 18:10 CopsaLau I was reminded of this story my dad sent about a bear invading his friend’s home. This bear was so old it wasn’t healthy enough to hibernate, this happened in the Yukon, Canada last year.

I was reminded of this story my dad sent about a bear invading his friend’s home. This bear was so old it wasn’t healthy enough to hibernate, this happened in the Yukon, Canada last year. submitted by CopsaLau to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 18:10 T_Wintz97 Don’t worry folks it’s pay day for ALOT of ppl tmmrw and robinhood still hasn’t even listed yet🚀

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2021.10.28 18:10 Effective_Athlete_87 Which Ozzy are you feelin today?

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2021.10.28 18:10 OneIntroduction6176 Anyone has these for me?

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2021.10.28 18:10 primetimesucker Calvin and Hobbes for my granddad

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2021.10.28 18:10 Biebergotswagg Am I asexual?

For most of my life I identified as heterosexual and have been in several relationships with several women. However my most recent (and last) relationship made me feel incredibly intimate with said person and it also made me COMPLETELY null to the thought of other people. Even if there was another copy of said person, or hell even if a better copy, I wouldn't want anything to do with that. I used to be pretty lustful, and I've lost pretty much lost it all since and only when I do cave in to such urges it's only ever about her. I instantly turn down anybody who approaches and flirts with me, not out of fear, but simply I have no desire to. I don't know if there is a sexuality where you are only attracted to one person your whole life, but that is how it has been. If anybody knows what it is or could help point me in the right direction of a community like this, I'd really appreciate it.
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2021.10.28 18:10 FrontbuttMcGee [Positive] u/garcia922

Awesome to deal with. Great communication. It was a bulk order with no issues. A+ all around.
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2021.10.28 18:10 sanitizingspray Why are still friends?

Dear self,
Why are you still friends with that one chick? I don't understand you. You're always there for her and I think she knows you're alive. She knows you like her and knows you'd always be there. But you've also seen her online persona. Always wanting to have sex, but not with you. Wanting some sort of relationship, but not with you. She describes who she wants in her life, just not you.
So why are you here? What's keeping you? Just cuz she's peobably what you're looking for ideally? She's just using you bro. She wants and likes the attention. She claims she's got a lot going on, but you and I know that aint true. If she's got 5 mins to post up, she can definately use that time to spend with you.
My dude, she's using you. I wish I could give you sound advice. But can't. Hopefully a voice from the outside can help, will help.
Take care of yourself, dont do anything stupid. I know you.
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2021.10.28 18:10 islandlooper LFG!

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2021.10.28 18:10 goldenbrb rate my build

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2021.10.28 18:10 Branagh-Doyle How to improve your Homepods performance.

Since the 15.1 update, if you make them the default audio output of an Apple TV 4K hardwired to a router, the Homepods will use the Ethernet connection of the Apple TV for everything, and all the interactions, including Siri responsiveness and the streaming itself, will improve massively.
Apple seems to have tighten up the ad hoc network between the Apple TV and the Homepods, and now, if your Apple TV is hardwired, they use that connection instead of their own Wi-Fi (in fact they will disappear from the list of connected wifi devices of your router).
Clever way to improve performance!
To play lossless and Atmos content from Apple Music this way, make sure that "lossless audio" and "Atmos" is enabled on both the Home App settings and the Apple TV 4K Music app settings.
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2021.10.28 18:10 itstreverr Delta Amex MQD Waiver

Does anyone know if Delta/Amex plans to extend/roll over the MQD waiver earning period through next year for status? I recently saw they mentioned some other programs they were extending but wondering if they would be extending this as well so I have some more time to earn the waiver.
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2021.10.28 18:10 Aromatic-Salt-6480 20m beard. 2.5 weeks of dense growth. Neckbeard thoughts

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2021.10.28 18:10 viltrum_strong Ohhhh long Johnson, where you at?

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2021.10.28 18:10 soyfox 4 characters in Squid game (Front Man, Deok-su, Ga-yeong, Player 278) also played various roles in the director's previous work 'The Fortress' (2017).

4 characters in Squid game (Front Man, Deok-su, Ga-yeong, Player 278) also played various roles in the director's previous work 'The Fortress' (2017). submitted by soyfox to squidgame [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 18:10 valladon I've fallen in love with someone who has disorganized attachment (potentially). How do I show her I am serious and won't give up?

Hi everyone,
So -- I started casually seeing a wonderful and driven woman earlier this year. She checks every box for me as far as interests, the way she likes to spend her time, intelligence , conversation, beauty, values... she's just all-around wonderful as far as her personality is concerned.
She has been pretty clear about not being available for a serious, committed relationship due to someone really hurting her in her past. I'm talking she dated a manipulative asshole level 9,000 who I super resent for doing what he did to her as far as cheating, manipulation, etc.
We kind of oscillate between platonic friends and being in this pseudo-relationship where we do couple sort-of things and I can tell we genuinely care about each other. I don't know that she quite loves me the way that I love her...but I do love her. Very much. We've had some painful moments in which I feel that she's maybe intentionally hurting my feelings or pushing me away because of my/our feelings and her fear of the commitment (or perhaps her incapacity for commitment now).
Anyway, not that I assign too much validity to the quizzes and stuff, but we both took an attachment style quiz and our results were pretty spot on for both of us in terms of how it described our behavior. Hers happened to be Disorganized / Fearful-Avoidant. It really helped me think of what's going on pragmatically... and I've been doing some digging and thinking about it. It's probably a potentially painful journey, but I feel like I've just found an absolute catch... a diamond in the rough who sets me at ease when we're together and who makes me feel feelings I didn't know were possible outside of being a teenager. It damn near breaks me up in tears just to write that sentence!
In any case... I guess I'm here for advice. I want to continue to show her that I'm a trustworthy man, and I want to be there for her, and I want to know (perhaps from others who have struggled with disorganized attachment?) what are some ways that your SO or a previous SO helped you to trust them and be less fearful? What are things that I can do to help her heal, and be the best man I can be for someone in her shoes?
Thanks in advance. :)
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2021.10.28 18:10 66666666666666666777 H: Marquee Arrow Plan W: Cap offers

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2021.10.28 18:10 RudeDudeDarude First sub finally done. Tought work, but was fun aswell.

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2021.10.28 18:10 robson_muniz 🎬Awesome CSS Button Hover Effects Using HTML & CSS✨

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2021.10.28 18:10 Protocal5 John Wick faces off in Jump Force mod battle.

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2021.10.28 18:10 KendrickMontero Can Impossible Finance ... Make It Possible?

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