Глобальная биомасса

2021.10.28 18:14 5igorsk Глобальная биомасса

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2021.10.28 18:14 duhbledown11 US Mint quality control is non existent

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2021.10.28 18:14 TriBird1983 My favourite Halloween pumpkin

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2021.10.28 18:14 I-changed-my-name Braxton Hicks at 21 weeks

I’m getting them 8-10 times a day. How normal is this? My tummy gets hard and sore to the touch, I feel this weird stretching ache.
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2021.10.28 18:14 YaBoiUASA Brandon plz rate, this mashup took 24 hours I made it myself. Starts at 0:07.

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2021.10.28 18:14 bluetooth362 Need some advice from Computer Science majors who took Econ 410

So I just switched to Comp Sci from Econ. I was just wondering how the classes in Comp Sci for a BA degree were in comparison to Econ 410 which absolutely has been destroying me. It may just be that it's an extremely class with a grad student as my teacher but I was just curious if there were any other people here who were in a similar situation and could give me some advice.
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2021.10.28 18:14 Rafinhakun Título Foi Verificar Se o Meme é uma Bosta

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2021.10.28 18:14 regian24 Family leave is a necessity, the whole world knows it

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2021.10.28 18:14 fauxedo State of the Sub 2021, Update Pt 1

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the google survey this year, and encourage anyone else who wants to participant to still do so. I'll leave the form open until Sunday.

Here is a link to the form again!

With this, we're noticing a pretty significant shift into mobile only users, so with that we've updated the sidebar for mobile to include all of the graphics that we've had in old.reddit. It's something I have hoped to do for a while but finally figured out a way to create an image that all of us mods can edit which will work for all platforms. It's now live in the "about" section under our ever-so-wonderful sidebar picture.
There are some common themes with the comments that have been posted in the forms so far, and we look forward to sharing those with you as we make those improvments!

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2021.10.28 18:14 snakelakecake I have so many questions about formula

I’ve been EBF my 9 almost 10 month old we tried BLW for a while had a couple bad experiences and ended up doing mostly baby purées for almost 4 months now. His doctor recommended I start introducing formula, I only wanted to ebf for the first 6 months then it’s turned to 9. And I’m starting to feel like my supply is down. I had contacted the wic in my area back in September to assist with formula cost, they encouraged I continue ebf I did for another month but after speaking to his pediatrician he does recommend my son start getting formula. I think my supply is starting to go down (stress and I’m losing weight unintentionally). I had back and forth with wic they approved me then said I wouldn’t qualify so I was making plans to get the Kirkland brand formula this weekend but I just heard back I will be receiving enfamil. I’m feeling overwhelmed bc I feel like I’m somehow going to do it wrong. Pediatrician said I can continue BF and offering 8-12oz of formula broken up how I want. But what I’m scared of if wic changes their mind (again) after getting him started on Enfamil and I have to switch to Kirkland what if it makes him sick a quick google search says two formulas can be given but ugh truthfully I’m feeling overwhelmed by the thought of something going wrong since we’ve been ebf for such a long time and baby was really bad at taking expressed breast milk for a while
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2021.10.28 18:14 Iwubwatermelon Iraq vet now having suicidal thoughts

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2021.10.28 18:14 poop_scallions Florida Senate 'ghost' candidate Alex Rodriguez faces $20,000 ethics fine

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2021.10.28 18:14 itsborked2 Top and bottoms got to match.

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2021.10.28 18:14 bykardinal wallet version 2.3.2 soon may be released.

DeepSend its unique protocol for anonymous transactions developed by deeponion team and its keep getting constant upgrades. Our Devs soon will release new wallet version with some deepsend improvements. Stay tuned to see more info in release day.
If you have some questions you can ask it on officail forum as always. https://deeponion.org/community/threads/mod-team-makes-v2-3-2-testing.46203/
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2021.10.28 18:14 Fluffy-Craft Anomaly - Armor advice

Right now I'm using a PSZ-10d Nosorog (Duty Nosorog) at all times. Should I change to using a helmet, suit and backpack for regular stuff and use the nosorog for stuff like heavy firefights? If so, what armor combo would you recommend me to use? PD: I looked at the seva suit but I'm not really interested in artifact hunting.
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2021.10.28 18:14 Camerahutuk Meta Game of Thrones Homage when Jason Momoa Went full Hodor in one of the illest fight scenes in Dune!

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2021.10.28 18:14 Actual-Cartoonist131 Alejandra Falconi

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2021.10.28 18:14 dutchshoesarewood Beyonders read-through podcast

My best friend and I are starting a podcast called "Dewey or Don't We" where we assign each other one of our favorite books and do a read along and discussion over said books. Now, I'm picking beyonders for my friend because I'm 90% sure she's fully adverse to fantasy, so I bet it'll be fun to hear her read/roast her way through what is one of my favorite series ever. I don't know what book she's picking me yet, but I'm sure it's not fantasy. Anyway. Would you guys be interested in giving our podcast a try? If so, let me know so I put an update a little bit before we post the first episode!
Btw I'm so excited for the new dragon watch.
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2021.10.28 18:14 Overall-Lavishness29 Meanwhile, In the South

Meanwhile, In the South
The Cruise Ship Pantheon after hitting a 'berg
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2021.10.28 18:14 Admirable-Study-626 How can one create this page?

I want to create a simple HTML page with

For example, the output will be like
#2 2021:10:28:17:14 Good day
#1 2021:10:28:17:13 Hello World
Please advise.
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2021.10.28 18:14 AnkitaBanerjee18 One of my favourite pictures with my high school sweetheart turned husband! 😍❣️#AnkitandAnkita

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2021.10.28 18:14 samnicjc In a hospital in ABQ, NM. The leaves have sharp little thorns throughout.

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2021.10.28 18:14 NX_Tahoe This game is beautiful

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2021.10.28 18:14 Sycthros Looking for some frens to play with NA Late Night PST, like 9-11pm raid start

I played this game a lot and this time around especially with the no world buffs i want to play casual with some other casuals who like me have kids/responsibilities and want to casually play late night
Super casual where if youre ret or boomkin you can still raid. We want to only have a mission to have fun, we wont care about parses or consumes or stuff like that. If we cant full clear because were too casual then thats fine, we will just kill the bosses that we can and come back next week.
No shady loot priority or drama, everything will be MS>OS Free Roll, or with a +1 or +2, or a +1 for tier and a separate +1 for non-tier, or Soft Res. This means that serious players need not join because you might lose Onslaught Girdle to a Ret Pally!
Raids will start at 9pm PST, 10pm PST, or 11pm PST, as we get more members we can take a poll to see what time we want to start.
Same goes with the raid days, we will poll what 2 days works best for majority of members and go from there
If any of this sounds interesting let me know in a comment and if at least a handful of people are interested I’ll make a discord and we can even decide the guild name together
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2021.10.28 18:14 Practical_Plenty3984 Today's day 201 of my Daily Persona 4 Golden Series

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